Bullet just misses NSW mum at restaurant

A mother of three has described how a bullet fired through the front window of an Indian restaurant in Sydney’s west narrowly missed her family.


The bullet was fired into Billu’s Indian Eatery in Harris Park, missing the 40 customers and staff before lodging into a shelf just before 9pm on Tuesday.

“It (the gunshot) was close to me, my husband and (a) worker,” said Sara Limbu, who was at the restaurant with her husband and children to pick up takeaway.

Mrs Limbu, a regular customer at Billu’s, says she’s scared to go back.

“I was in shock, I was scared, I was with my family – there are three kids in our family,” she told AAP on Wednesday.

Harris Park locals and members of the Indian community have been flocking to the scene of the shooting.

Concerned passers-by have been inspecting the bullet hole still visible in the restaurant’s left window as police collect evidence, and staff at Billu’s prepare to open for the lunchtime trade on Wednesday.

“It’s the first time I’ve been through something like this. But I think we’re not going to stop coming here,” Mrs Limbu, who lives in Merrylands, said.

It’s believed whoever fired the shot was on foot and a man wearing a blue tracksuit was seen running south on Wigram Street after the incident, police said.

Police aren’t ruling out the possibility the shooting was racially motivated.

Superintendent Wayne Cox says while there isn’t any evidence at this time to conclude the attack had racial links, it is still part of their investigation.

“Racially motivated crime is certainly on the spectrum of any of our investigations and it’s something that needs to be ruled out,” Supt Cox told reporters on Wednesday.

Over the past couple of months business on Wigram St have been targeted, including the firebombing of a local hairdresser and a shooting in April.

It’s lucky none of the patrons inside the restaurant were injured, police said.

“The frightening thing with this is that the shot that was fired … was in a particular part of the restaurant which was extremely busy,” NSW Police Inspector Adam Phillips said.

Police are appealing for anyone who saw the man to come forward, in particular a woman who was nearly knocked to the ground by the man near the pedestrian crossing on Wigram Street.